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Scanning the Current Valur of the Hardware

Analog read port

					{"blocks":"<xml xmlns=\"\"><block type=\"Grove_analogRead\" disabled=\"true\" x=\"113\" y=\"292\"><field name=\"port\">GroveAnalogPort.A0</field></block></xml>"}

This is used for reading the current value of the hardware that is linked to the corresponding port.

Parameters: N/A

Condition: A0 (Default)/A2/A4/A6

Output: Number
Sample code:

					{"blocks":"<xml xmlns=\"\"><block type=\"pxt-on-start\" x=\"0\" y=\"0\"><statement name=\"HANDLER\"><block type=\"basic_consoleLogNum\"><value name=\"num\"><block type=\"Grove_analogRead\"><field name=\"port\">GroveAnalogPort.A0</field></block></value></block></statement></block></xml>"}

The output:

Analog Read Port - Output
Previous Reading the Current Raw Data