STEM beginner

Una Micro:bit (STEM Beginner) Online Training Course

This course introduces students to STEM with exciting stories and they will build programs by blocks coding. They are able to learn the basic coding logic to develop micro:bit applications and train their computational thinking ability.
*All courses must be completed within one year 

  1. Training fee: HKD 220 x 10 hours = HKD 2,200
  2. Subscription/Teaching material fee: HKD 80 (yearly)
  3. Hardware fee: / 

Total: HKD 2,280 

HKD 2,280
(USD 300)

What you will learn

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Course Content

Introduction of the basic operations of Una, MakeCode and micro:bit through hands-on coding

  • Learn basic knowledge of Una, MakeCode and micro:bit
  • Experience coding the first program individually and collaboratively
  • Learn blocky coding features and how it works

Make some simple input and output programs

  • Learn and distinguish different input and output methods
  • Learn how to use different input and output methods by micro:bit emulator and physical micro:bit

Introduction of human memory and computer variable, and make a counter for counting boy and girl

  • Learn how to create and name a variable
  • Learn how to apply and change the value of variables
  • Modify the program by adding multiple input methods

Rescue Hua Mulan by setting a better rule of conscription through understand the If condition concept in the grade indication example

  • Learn and apply If condition and nested If condition
  • Be creative in using variables and conditions, create a method to solve a problem

Introduction of “And” and “Or” in comparison, and make goal shooting games using compound If condition

  • Simplify the program by reducing identical output of IF statement
  • Introduction to compound conditional statements
  • Learn how to use multiple compound conditional statements

Explore the beauty of programs, and make good programs with loop and nested loop

  • Introduction to three types of loop blocks in MakeCode
  • Use loop to simplify the program and add loop blocks to create a program with repeated statements
  • Learn coordinates and nested loop

Introduction of random number, probability and cube, and make an electronic dice by applying variable, If and loop

  • Understand the features of a fair dice and learn about probability and cube
  • Revise and apply variables, If condition, comparison and loop

Make multiple bomb simulation mini games

  • Learn how to use random number, logic and countdown function in mini games
  • Write a game with one or more ending conditions
  • Create a backdoor for the game to defuse the bomb

Introduction of array and apply it using the solar system as an example

  • Learn about features and uses of array
  • Learn how to use array and index to add/remove element
  • Learn how to use loop to access each item in an array

Make electronic and non-electronic marble mazes

  • Learn about the electronic and non-electronic machinery
  • Learn how to use If condition, loop, array and coordination to finish electronic marble maze
  • Learn how to make marble maze


Ms Pauline Ip
Ms Pauline Ip STEM & IT in Education Coordinator from Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division
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The lessons are well-paced and offer different levels of difficulties for students with different coding abilities. Una platform provides great freedom for students to demonstrate their creativity and programming ability on the Challenge page.
Students Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division
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We like how the exercises are slow-paced and provide clear instructions to teach me how to code the robot. It is very interesting. We like solving problems, especially the challenges.
Mr William Luk
Mr William Luk IT Panel Head and Head of STEAM Education of HKBUAS Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School (Primary Division)
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Una simplifies technical operations, gives students more cooperation opportunities, and allowing them to take turns in pair programming.


Students need to login both Microsoft Teams and Una Platform for learning and coding, but it is not unnecessary to use the same device.

  1. Microsoft Teams: Please download Microsoft Teams here and find out the detail of device requirements.
  2. Una Platform: Student can login Una with an internet-accessible computer, laptop or iPad, using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge up-to-date browsers.

Important Notes for Login Una:

  1. Smartphone is not supported
  2. For iPad users, it requires iPadOS 14.5 or above
  3. Login with computer or laptop, using normal mode on the browser (NOT Incognito Mode), can enjoy a better user experience
  1. When we receive your registration, we will send you Una Platform login instruction.
  2. Once you receive login instruction, before the class, please visit and see if you can login Una successfully. Otherwise, please change your device or update your browser prior class to ensure we can start the lesson on time and smoothly.

Una Micro:bit (STEM Beginner) Course

HKD 2,280 (USD 300)