Microsoft Python x AI Online Training Course

Students can take our courses which incorporate Microsoft textbook elements to learn about Python 3 basic programming and data analysis. Students will apply their mathematical and statistic knowledge to make different AI applications.  

*All courses must be completed within one year 

  1. Training fee: HKD 350 x 12 hours = HKD 4,200
  2. Subscription/ Teaching material fee: HKD 80 (yearly)
  3. Azure Credit: HKD 300
  4. Hardware fee: /

Total: HKD 4,580 

HKD 4,580
(USD 603)

What you will learn

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Course Content

Understand what it AI and how to use Microsoft Azure

  • Learn the basic concept of AI
  • Explore Azure portal and create Azure machine learning studio service
  • Explore the features of Azure machine learning studio
  • Learn about python notebook

Refresh Python knowledge

  • Variable and operators
  • Conditional statement
  • Loop statement
  • Function
  • Class & Object

Understand the basic concept of data in AI

  • Learn about the data preparation process: Feature selection, Cleaning the outlier, Handing missing value, Feature engineering, Data normalization
  • Basic of data manipulation libraries (NumPy and Pandas)

Understand the basic statistic in AI

  • Learn the basic concept of statistic
  • Learn different fundamental graphical methods of data analysis: Scatter Plots, Line Graphs, Bar Charts, and Histograms
  • Study categorical, numerical distributions and their difference

Learn how to use regression to predict numeric values and understand how various parameters can optimise prediction accuracy

  • Learn what is regression and when to use it
  • Train and evaluate regression models using the Scikit-Learn framework

Learn how to categorize items into classes in machine learning and how to evaluate classification model

  • Learn what is classification and when to use it
  • Train and evaluate a classification model using the Scikit-Learn framework

Learn how to apply clustering model and understand its principles in grouping similar items into clusters in machine learning

  • Learn what is Clustering and when to use it
  • Train and evaluate a clustering model using the scikit-learn framework

Learn basic principles of deep learning and train a deep neural network (DNN) using PyTorch or Tensorflow

  • Learn what is Neural Network(NN) and Deep Neural Network(DNN)
  • Train a model using Neural Network Algorithm

Use transfer learning to train a convolutional neural network (CNN) with PyTorch or Tensorflow

  • Learn what is convolutional neural network (CNN)
  • Use transfer learning to train an image classification model

了解什麼是 AI 和如何使用 Microsoft Azure

  • 了解基本的 AI 概念
  • 探索 Azure 介面並建立 Azure machine learning 服務
  • 探索 Azure machine learning studio 的功能
  • 了解如何使用 Python notebook 運行程式

Python 知識複習

  • 數據類型和運算符
  • 條件語句
  • 循環語句
  • 函式
  • 類別和物件

了解數據在 AI 中的意義

  • 了解數據處理的步驟:功能選擇、清理異常值、處理缺失的價值、特徵工程、數據標準化
  • 認識 Python 數據處理庫 – NumPy 和 Pandas 的基本應用

了解統計學在 AI 中的意義

  • 了解統計學基本原理和 AI 的關係
  • 了解數據分析的不同基本圖形方法:散點圖,折線圖,條形圖和直方圖
  • 理解類別、數值分佈及其差異


  • 了解什麼是回歸和使用回歸模型的使用時機
  • 如何使用 Scikit-Learn framework 訓練和評估回歸模型


  • 了解什麼是分類和使用回歸模型的使用時機
  • 如何使用 Scikit-Learn framework 訓練和評估分類模型


  • 了解什麼是叢集和使用叢集模型的使用時機
  • 如何使用 scikit-learn 架構來訓練和評估叢集模型

了解深度學習的基本原則和訓練深度學習模型,及如何使用 PyTorch 或 Tensorflow 訓練深度類神經網路模型 (DNN)

  • 了解什麼是神經網路深度神經網路
  • 使用深度神經網路訓練模型

了解如何使用傳輸學習訓練卷積神經網路 (CNN) 模型

  • 了解什麼是卷積神經網路
  • 使用傳輸學習訓練圖像分類模型


Mr Tse Wai Tak
Mr Tse Wai TakScience and Physics teacher of St. Paul's Co-educational College
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Una did a great job at constructing the course structure. Even the teaching materials are considered challenging compared with the student’s level, students can still keep up with the learning progress, grasp the coding logic of Python and the fundamental AI concepts under Una tutor’s instructions.
Student St. Paul's Co-educational College
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The rich teaching materials and practical examples provided by Una teachers make us understand how Python and AI work. I am more confident to learn advanced levels of Python and AI after I complete the course. I believe the skill I gained would be beneficial in the future if I apply for a tech-related job.
Ms Lau Oi Ha
Ms Lau Oi Ha Head of science; Science and biology teachers of St. Paul's Co-educational College
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Teachers from Una are good at explaining challenging coding concepts to students in a clear, exciting and vivid manner. Therefore, students are willing to learn despite the seemingly complicated content.
謝偉德老師 聖保羅男女中學(初中科學及物理科)
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課堂的教材很豐富,而且導師還會舉很多不同的實用例子,令我們學生更易理解到Python 和AI的運作。完成課程後,我對日後學習更進階的Python 和AI課程更有信心,同時我相信學到的知識對日後做科技相關工作亦很有幫助。
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Microsoft Python x AI Online Training Course

HKD 4,580 (USD 603)