Real-time Interactive AI Education Platform

Una Platform integrates coding, Artificial Intelligence and interactive technology, enabling teachers to teach AI easily.  

Lower learning entry barriers

Allow making intelligent devices with cloud-based AI technology and sensors, simply by coding blocks.

Improve teaching

Teach AI with learning management features and high-quality teaching content.

Enhance learning effectiveness

Monitor individual students’ learning progress in real time, including coding work.

Teach computational thinking, IT knowledge and 21st Century skills

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  • Make smart devices and web apps easily

    Supports hands-on exercises on making micro:bit / Raspberry Pi based smart devices and AI Web App.

  • Optimized blocks-coding environment

    Supports both the original and AI-enhanced Microsoft MakeCode, allowing teachers to provide instructions and tips to students through sample code, saving students time in coding from zero, and spending more time on core topics.

  • Connect diversified Cloud-based AI technology

    Supports online AI technology (e.g. Microsoft Azure Cognitive Technology – Facial, Object, Age recognition, and more) and graphical AI model training tools (e.g. Google Teachable Machine).

  • Flexible AI quota allocation

    Assign school quota to individual students in using different AI technology and avoid overspending due to students’ coding mistakes.

  • Sharable link and publish your own Web App

    Students can build up private or public links to share their work with classmates, school members, or the public. Encouraging students to share their work can enhance interaction.

  • Remote AI Lab – IoT devices management system

    Allows schools to set up IoT devices (e.g., Raspberry Pi and Sensor) and assign different devices’ access rights for different groups of students. Students can deploy and test code on remote IoT devices through internet.

  • Multiple teaching modes

    Supports different pedagogies, such as face-to-face class inside the classroom, remote learning, task-based learning, collaborative learning, mixed learning, video self-learning, and more.

  • Support ready-to-use or self-upload teaching content

    Allows Teachers to subscribe to over 100+ hours of ready-to-use courses or upload self-developed teaching content.

  • Effective classroom management

    Uses real-time dashboard, “Lock-step” and “Assemble” functions to boost teaching efficiency.

  • Auto-save learning results on cloud

    All students’ work will auto-save on cloud. Students can continue to learn and code even after classes are over, teachers are offline, or devices are temporarily disabled.

  • Instant Q&A evaluation & after-class grading

    Teachers can use the Q&A function to evaluate students' performance in real-time and adjust their teaching pace. After class, teachers can use the platform to grade students' coding tasks.

  • Single Sign-On and one-time password login

    Supports Single Sign-On (SSO) login by Microsoft, Google and Facebook account and also supports one-time password login by email.

Teacher Interface

Real-time dashboard, E-materials management tool

Student Interface

Personal and collaborative coding workspace, Q&A assessment

Una Platform Annual Subscription

The one-stop micro:bit and AI education package, which combines teacher training, courses, teaching methods and tools, makes it easy for teachers to get started and effectively teach students computational thinking and AI knowledge. Besides subscribing to the virtual classroom alone, you can also subscribe to Una courses to achieve your holistic teaching outcomes!