AI Maker 2.0 x Microsoft AI-900 Course
Aged 10+
20 hours
Block Coding
This course introduces essential AI principles, ethical considerations, and hands-on applications. Learn with AI technologies like Microsoft Azure and Google Teachable Machine to build your own AI applications. Benefit from the Pass Guarantee for the Microsoft AI-900 Certification Exam and take a confident step towards mastering AI technology.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn AI and machine learning fundamentals, including ethical implications
  • Practice with Microsoft Azure, Google Teachable Machine, and Una AI Web App to build AI models
  • Pursue the Microsoft AI-900 Certificate for formal AI qualification

Course Outline:

  • Introduction To AI
  • Object Detection
  • Image Classification
  • Face
  • Pose Detection
  • Speech
  • Chatbot and Text analytics
  • AI, how do you learn?
  • Is AI invincible?
  • Make your own app!
  • Introduction to AI (Ref: AI-900 M1)
  • Fundamental of Machine Learning (Ref: AI-900 M2)
  • Computer vision on Azure AI (Ref: AI-900 M3)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) on Azure AI (Ref: AI-900 M4)
  • Generative AI on Azure OpenAI (Ref: AI-900 M5)
  • Knowledge Mining on Azure AI Search (Ref: AI-900 M1)
  • AI-900 Mock Exam 1 (Self-study)
  • AI-900 Mock Exam 2 (Self-study)
  • AI-900 Exam


  • None

Software Requirements:

  • Una Virtual Classroom – Advanced

Hardware Requirements:

  • Notebook/Desktop with a webcam and the updated browser is recommended.
  • iPad does not support training AI models with Google Teachable Machine.

Other Requirements:

  • Microsoft AI-900 Exam Vouchers


  • Learn through a WebApp without any hardware prerequisites.
  • Enrolled AI Maker 2.0 participants can directly enter the AI-900 course.
  • Take the exam at School or the Una Office.
  • Candidates who pass the exam with a score of 70% or higher will receive an AI-900 certificate issued by Microsoft.
  • Comes with a pass guarantee, offering a free exam retake to students who meet certain conditions:
    • Maintain at least 80% attendance.
    • Score 80% or higher on the mock exam.
    • Request a retake within one month of course completion.


Athena Law 學生(profile)
Athena Law
Student (10 years old) and her parent
It is a brand-new experience taking the AI-900 course during the epidemic. Una offers a well-developed learning framework, flexible schedule, and 1-to-1 live interaction with teacher. Personalized teaching makes the content more understandable and stimulates my daughter's motivation to learn coding. Although the course could be challenging for a 10-year-old student, my daughter is still able to obtain the certificate successfully under the teacher's guidance and attentive teaching. With such a good learning experience, we will continue to enroll in other courses of Una in the future.
Sing Hymm
Student (13 years old)
During the study journey, I realized AI is not limited to applications like Siri and I gained more insights and knowledge about AI. The natural language processing function of AI, which can detect human emotions from text, is the most impressive AI feature I came across during this course. I genuinely think this learning experience is meaningful and exciting. Lastly, I really appreciate the guidance from Una’s teacher!
Michael Lai
This course can strengthen my knowledge of AI. Also, the teaching content is interesting, especially the coding part. Although the exam material is a bit challenging, I can still pass the AI-900 exam thanks to the detailed elaboration from the teachers. I will continue to strive for improvement in the AI and coding areas.
Mr Lai
Parent of Michael Lai
This course is a bit challenging for Primary school students. But the rich and powerful teaching content is beneficial for my boy to understand AI's fundamental concept easily. Thanks for the effective teaching from Una's teacher!
Student (11 years old)
I really enjoyed the class because I learned a lot of things about AI. Moreover, the teachers were immensely kind, helpful and accommodating! Overall, I really enjoyed the course. It was fun and amazing!
Ms Leung
Parent of Toto (12 years old)
Thanks for the heartwarming attention and care from all the teachers and Una’s team! Because of the heartfelt teaching by the teacher, my son is able to achieve his ideal exam score. In this tech-oriented world, he will try his best to learn more. And hopefully, Una’s teacher can continue to teach excellent students in the future!