AI Maker 2.0 Course
Aged 10+
10 hours
Block Coding
This course introduces the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI), including its applications, ethical implications, and practical techniques. Gain hands-on experience with AI technologies like Microsoft Azure and Google Teachable Machine, and create your own AI web apps. Develop a solid understanding of AI principles, techniques, and applications, prepare to explore more advanced AI topics and projects.

Learning Objectives:

  • Grasp essential AI concepts and their applications in daily life.
  • Learn to build and train AI models with hands-on tools.
  • Create a simple AI-powered web app from scratch.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction To AI | Understand the basic concept of AI | Hands-on: Play QuickDraw and AI image generator to experience learning capability of AI
  • Object Detection | Understand How AI detects objects | Hands-on: Experience Azure Object detection through Una Platform
  • Image Classification (Required PC with WebCam) | Learn how to use AI to classify items | Hands-on: Try out Google Teachable Machine (GTM) to train an image Classification model
  • Face | Introduce the principle of facial analysis | Hands-on: Experience Azure Facial detection and verification through Una Platform
  • Pose Detection (Required PC with WebCam) | Learn the basic principle of Pose detection | Hands-on: Try out GTM to train a pose recognition model
  • Speech | Understand how speech conversion is achieved | Hands-on: Experience Azure Speech services through Una Platform
  • Chatbot and Text analytics | Introduce Conversational AI and ChatGPT | Hands-on: Interaction with ChatGPT / POE and understand how to control output with prompts
  • AI, how do you learn? (Required PC with WebCam) | Understand Machine Learning through creating a classification model | Hands-on: Experience how to train a classification model to classify diabetic cases through Una ML Platform
  • Is AI invincible? | Reflect on the ethics of using AI through real life cases
  • Make your own app! | Create your own web application from scratch | Hands-on: Create a web application by combining custom layout and Azure Object detection


  • None

Software Requirements:

  • Una Virtual Classroom - Advanced

Hardware Requirements:

  • Notebook/Desktop with a webcam and the updated browser is recommended.
  • iPad does not support training AI models with Google Teachable Machine.


jimmy teacher
Mr Jimmy Chan
Vice Chairman of Council of the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education (HKACE) and Head of IT committee of SKH Li Fook Hing Secondary School
Under the pandemic, the Una platform allows students to participate in online lessons interactively, collaboratively and learn AI continuously at home. As a teacher, I appreciate the clear learning objectives and the comprehensive assessments to review what students have learned. Like!
Mr Jonathan Yau teacher
Mr Jonathan Yau
STEM Education Coordinator of Lam Tai Fai College
I am a science teacher without IT background, but Una helps me to conduct AI courses efficiently and solves problems encountered by teachers before, during and after class.
Mr Chris Yuen teacher
Mr Chris Yuen
Teacher of Alliance Cheng Wing Gee College
During the teaching process, I hope students can learn to connect AI concepts in real life. After using Una Platform, students can solve the problem as teams and grasp related concepts step by step.
Mr Chan Wing-Tak
IT Coordinator of Ko Lui Secondary School
Una provides AI courses with interesting topics and their learning platform’s interface is user-friendly. Also, trainers from Una have a great attitude and can effectively maintain a positive learning atmosphere.