Block Coding x Competition Support Course
Aged 10+
20 hours
Block Coding
This course opens the door to the thrilling world of tech competitions like Microsoft Imagine Cup Junior, with a focus on creating AI projects that can make a difference. It is perfect for students who want to dive into AI competitions, starting with "Una Tech For Future", and build their own AI apps using block coding. We will introduce every step you need to succeed—from getting the rules straight to coming up with cool ideas, making AI models work, designing easy-to-use apps, and showing off your project with confidence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to navigate AI competitions, from rules to problem-solving.
  • Gain hands-on experience with AI tools to build and test applications.
  • Develop and present an AI-based solution prototype effectively.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction To Innovative Competitions | Understand the basic concept of Innovation Competitions to familiarise with the rules and aim of these competitions
  • Introduction to AI Technologies | Introducing commonly used AI that have been deployed to solve problems worldwide
  • AI tasting: Microsoft Azure and Google Teachable Machine (GTM) | Understand how AI detects objects
  • Cause and problems | Learn how to analyze a problem and find the causes
  • Step 1: Case study: Background Research | Understand the procedure of discovering and identifying problems by case study
  • Step 2: Case study: Prototype study | Investigate existing AI inventions to understand the thoughts and idea behind the inventions
  • JSON + Webapp | Learn the fundamentals of JSON, a common AI output format using Una WebApp
  • AI Maker with Una | Experience using Una to make a webapp
  • Problem definition | Base on the five AI for Good Topics to identify the problem to be solved
  • Prototype design | Create the prototype of the design using Una WebApp and sensors (if applicable)
  • Presentation preparation | Present the idea using presentations and demonstration of the prototype


  • Block coding experience, AI Maker 2.0 course or equivalent is preferred

Software Requirements:

  • Una Virtual Classroom - Advanced / Microsoft MakeCode

Hardware Requirements:

  • Notebook/Desktop with updated browser
  • Micro:bit and sensors (or Una Web App), depending on application type


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