CoSpaces VR/AR Basic Course
Aged 6+
10 hours
Block Coding
This course introduces the fundamentals of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) through interactive 3D modeling and basic programming. Engage with CoSpaces and CoBlocks to unleash your creativity and enhance problem-solving skills. Ideal for beginners, the curriculum covers everything from creating responsive programs to utilizing variables and conditional statements. Dive into advanced topics such as loops and functions to craft captivating 3D projects and stories. Embrace the world of VR/AR and take your first steps in 3D programming with confidence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Master VR and AR fundamentals by constructing 3D models and immersive environments in CoSpaces Edu.
  • Acquire basic coding skills with CoBlocks to animate scenes and solve problems.
  • Boost creativity in storytelling and design through personalized projects and simulations.

Course Outline:

  • Exploring CoSpaces Edu | Introduction of the basic elements of CoSpaces Edu | Basic | Product: Self Introduction Project
  • Rules in the classroom | Understanding the rules in the classroom | CoBlocks, Input | Product: A Classroom
  • Experiencing Four Seasons | Investigation on the cycle and characteristics of seasons | Variables | Product: A Four Seasons Cube
  • Building your dream house | Introduction of the basic principles of construction and architecture and build your dream house | Control | Product: A Dream House
  • Going to the Zoo | Designing a zoo with various animals | If condition, Forever Loop | Product: A Zoo
  • Exciting Roller Coaster | Introduction of creating sophisticated immerse scenes | Repeat Loops| Product: A Roller Coaster
  • Vaccine Production | Fixing the broken machinery of a vaccine production assembly line | Count, Functions | Product: A Completed Machinery
  • Simulations | Introduction of real-life simulations and scientific experiments (Product: A Simulation Model)
  • Storytelling Competition | Introduction of real-life simulations and scientific experiments | Product: A Simulation Model
  • Your Show Time! | Design your own places or games | Product: A Creative Project


  • None

Software Requirements:

  • Cospaces app (Tablet) (Required Cospaces Pro plan subscription)

Hardware Requirements:

  • Tablet/Notebook/Desktop (The better GPU, the better performance) with the updated browser
  • Optional Hardware:
    • VR – Google cardboard with supported phone (Ref: Link)
    • AR – Mobile device with AR Core (Android AR Ref: Link) (Apple device: iPhone 6S later, iPad 2017 later)


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