CoSpaces VR/AR Escape Room Course
Aged 6+
6 hours
Block Coding
This course introduces the captivating realm of 3D design and coding through interactive escape room challenges. Perfect for beginners, it provides a foundational understanding of 3D modeling and basic programming within the CoSpaces environment. Utilize CoBlocks to bring your creations to life, solve puzzles, and build your own custom escape room. Enhance your skills with advanced concepts like loops and functions, and unleash your problem-solving and creativity potential.

Learning Objectives:

  • Master the basics of CoSpaces Edu by learning to navigate the interface, build and edit 3D objects, and conceptualize an escape room design.
  • Construct the architecture of an interactive escape room, incorporating elements like scalable structures and programmable doors using CoBlocks.
  • Design and integrate interactive puzzles within the escape room environment, utilizing variables, loops, and physics to create engaging challenges.

Course Outline:

  • CoSpaces and Escape Room | Introduction of the basic elements of CoSpaces Edu and escape room | Basic
  • Building Room | Introduction of the basic principles of construction and architecture, and build the structure of the escape room | Control, Input | Product: Structure of Escape Room
  • Interactive Furniture | Add interactive furniture into the escape room | Variables, If condition, Loop | Product: Adding Furniture into Escape Room
  • Puzzle Design | Design several puzzles and add to the escape room | Physics, Variable | Product: Escape Room


  • None

Software Requirements:

  • Cospaces app (Tablet) (Required Cospaces Pro plan subscription)

Hardware Requirements:

  • Tablet/Notebook/Desktop (The better GPU, the better performance) with the updated browser
  • Optional Hardware:
    • VR – Google cardboard with supported phone (Ref: Link)
    • AR – Mobile device with AR Core (Android AR Ref: Link) (Apple device: iPhone 6S later, iPad 2017 later)


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