Microsoft DP-100 Course
Aged 16+
30 hours
AI, Big Data
This course introduces the fundamentals of data science and machine learning, focusing on the Microsoft DP-100 exam. Learn to harness Azure Machine Learning to create, train, and deploy models effectively. Engage with core ML concepts and AI-related terms and explore the practical aspects of managing assets in the Azure ML workspace. Gain expertise in optimising and monitoring ML solutions, setting a strong foundation for applying data science and running machine learning workloads on Azure.

Learning Objectives:

  • Master core Machine Learning concepts and prepare for the Microsoft DP-100 exam with an in-depth understanding of AI and its applications in Azure ML.
  • Acquire practical skills in managing data, training models with AutoML and custom scripts, and optimizing ML workflows with Azure ML pipelines.
  • Learn to deploy and utilize models effectively, gaining the ability to implement real-time and batch predictions in Azure Machine Learning environments.

Course Outline:

  • Introduce Data Science and DP-100 exam | Understand the core concepts of Machine Learning (ML)
  • Explore Azure ML workspace | Explore Azure ML workspace
  • Work with data | Understand how to work with data in Azure Machine Learning
  • AutoML | Understand how to configure and run AutoML job, find the best classification model
  • Train models with scripts | Understand thow to train models with script in Azure ML workspace
  • Optimize model training with pipelines | Understand how to optimize and automate model training in Azure ML by using components and pipelines
  • Deploy and consume models with Azure Machine Learning | Understand how to deploy a model to an endpoint and get real-time or batch predictions by calling the endpoint
  • DP-100 Mock Exam


  • Proficient knowledge of Microsoft AI-900
  • Python x AI Course or equivalent

Software Requirements:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Python 3.10 or later

Hardware Requirements:

  • Notebook/Desktop with updated browser

Other Requirements:

  • Requires Azure Credit (Minimum USD 100)


  • Self-scheduling the exam at your convenience.
  • Candidates who pass the exam with a score of 70% or higher will receive an DP-100 certificate issued by Microsoft.


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