Nintendo Switch x Game Design Course
Aged 8+
14 hours
Block Coding
Digital Game Design and Development
This course introduces the fundamentals of game design and development through engaging gaming console Nintendo Switch and Game Builder Garage. Students will delve into game design theories and apply their creativity to craft their own unique games across various genres. With hands-on experience, this course is a stepping stone for young designers eager to design their first game.

Learning Objectives:

  • Master the fundamentals of game creation using Game Builder Garage on the Nintendo Switch, including basic controls and game design principles.
  • Develop and design a variety of games, from two-player chasers to 3D parkour puzzles, enhancing skills in character control, level design, and interactive storytelling.
  • Complete a capstone project by building and presenting an original game, applying learned techniques and creativity to produce an engaging and playable game experience.

Course Outline:

  • Hello Game Builder! | Understand the basic control of Game Builder Garage
  • On a Roll + Alien Blaster (Self-learning 1) | Create a ball-rolling game and shooting game
  • Risky Run | Create a parkour game
  • Mystery Room+ Thrill Racer (Self-learning 2) | Create an escaping game and racing game
  • Super Person World | Create a 3D parkour game with puzzle solving
  • NS-SHAFT Recreation | Recreate NS-SHAFT using Game Builder Garage
  • Create Your Own Game | Design a game using Game Builder Garage


  • None

Software Requirements:

  • Game Builder Garage

Hardware Requirements:

  • Nintendo Switch


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