Python Basics Course
Aged 12+
10 hours
Coding / Algorithm
This course introduces the fundamentals of Python programming for beginners. Dive into programming concepts, learn to navigate conditional statements and loops, and gain hands-on experience with practical exercises. Progress through increasingly challenging tasks, and by the end, confidently write your own Python programs and establish a strong foundation for your coding future.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create your first Python program and work with basic variable types.
  • Control program flow with conditional statements and while loops.
  • Manage and iterate over lists using for loops in practical applications.

Course Outline:

  • My first Python program | Describe the concept of programming | Hands-on: i) Write code to swap variables ii) Write code to create variable with different variable type iii) Write code to implement formula
  • Conditional statement | Understand how to control program flow by using conditional statement | Hands-on: i) Write code to find positive and negative number ii) Write code to check BMI iii) Write code to find the grade in given rating system
  • Loop statement 1 - While loop | Understand the how to use while loop statement to run code repeatedly | Hands-on: Rock paper scissor game
  • List | Understand how to store multiple value in a single variable | Hands-on: Use while loop to iterate all of the element in list
  • Loop statement 2 - For loop | Understand how to use for loop to solve problem | Hands-on: i) Write code to generate a series of number ii) Write code to calculate a summation of series of number iii) Write code to process list


  • Block coding experience

Software Requirements:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Python 3.10 or later

Hardware Requirements:

  • Notebook/Desktop with updated browser


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