Python x IoT Course
Aged 12+
20 hours
IoT Coding
This course introduces the exciting world of STEM and IoT applications using the versatile Unihiker or Raspberry Pi single-board computers. Designed for beginners and enthusiasts alike, it covers the essentials of setting up and programming a Linux-based computer, interfacing with hardware components through Python, and mastering device communication via HTTP and MQTT protocols. With a hands-on approach, students will learn to create innovative STEM/IoT solutions while gaining practical experience in a rapidly growing field.

Learning Objectives:

  • Master the basics of Unihiker/Raspberry Pi, Linux, and Python for building custom programs and applications.
  • Learn to connect and control hardware components for interactive projects.
  • Understand and apply IoT protocols to create smart home systems.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Unihiker | Understand Unihiker and Linux system
  • Python quick revision | Revise the basic python knowledge needed in this course
  • Control hardware component | Understand how to connect and control hardware components using Python
  • IoT – HTTP | Understand how to build IoT application with HTTP using Python
  • IoT – MQTT | Understand how to build IoT application with MQTT using Python
  • Smart Home Environment Monitoring and Control System | Understand how to control hardware with IoT technology


  • Python Basics Course or equivalent

Software Requirements:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Python 3.10 or later

Hardware Requirements:

  • Notebook/Desktop with updated browser
  • Hardware set:
    • Single board computer:
      • Unihiker (Alternatively use Raspberry Pi but the expansion board and sensors will be different)
    • Expansion board:
      • DFRobot micro:driver
    • Sensors:
      • AHT20
      • Light sensor
      • Servo motor
      • IR sensor
      • Ultrasonic sensor
      • Motor
      • Light strip
      • Webcam
  • Router (Only need one for whole class)


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