Remote Ship Course
Aged 8+
3 hours
Block Coding
Computational Thinking
This course introduces practical STEM applications through interactive team-based projects, where students design and program remote control boats using micro:bit and sensors. Participants will engage in competitions, navigating their crafts to quickly and accurately reach targets in a pool. The course emphasizes collaboration, programming skills, and hands-on experience in a dynamic learning environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Comprehend the fundamentals of remote boat mechanics and micro:bit coding
  • Construct and refine a micro:bit-controlled boat
  • Master the use of micro:bit for precise boat control and compete to hit a floating target swiftly.

Course Outline:

  • Setup
  • Assemble the boat
  • Experimenting the boat and modify the boat by adding gadgets
  • Competition


  • None

Software Requirements:

  • Una Virtual Classroom - Intermediate / Microsoft MakeCode

Hardware Requirements:

  • Micro:bit V2 x 2
  • DFRobot micro:Driver - Driver Expansion Board for micro:bit x2
  • 3xAA Battery Holder x 2
  • Motor and fan blade x 2
  • Pool
  • Supporting materials


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