STEM x AI Course
Aged 8+
10 hours
Block Coding
This course introduces the fundamentals of AI and robotics, focusing on interactive learning with practical tools like HuskyLens, an AI-powered vision sensor, and Maqueen Plus V2, an educational robot. Engage in hands-on activities that combine the power of AI with the excitement of robotics, enhancing your coding skills, logical reasoning, and problem-solving capabilities. Through program-coding and hardware assembly, customize your own robot and gain the confidence to innovate in the field of AI technology.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to program and operate the micro:bit and its accessories.
  • Understand and apply basic AI principles with HuskyLens.
  • Build and code AI-powered robots for tasks like object recognition and line tracking.

Course Outline:

  • Micro:bit & Hardware | Introduce capabilities and hardware components of micro:bit
  • Where are you AI? (AI within Huskylens) | Introduce fundamentals of AI including machine learning, deep learning and computer vision with HuskyLens
  • The Inedible Apple (AI usage: object recognition) | Introduce object recognitions in computer vision
  • Come With Me (AI usage: object detection and line tracking) | Introduce detection and tracking in computer vision
  • Mechanical or Human (AI usage: face) | Introduce facial analysis in computer vision
  • Mask Prohibition (AI usage: image classification) | Introduce image classification in computer vision
  • Maqueen & HuskyLens | Introduce features and structures of Maqueen
  • Maqueen & Automation Solution | Introduce the AI techniques of self-driving cars in reality


  • None

Software Requirements:

  • Una Virtual Classroom - Intermediate / Microsoft MakeCode

Hardware Requirements:

  • Tablet/Notebook/Desktop
  • Micro:bit
  • DFRobot micro:Driver expansion board
  • Gravity: HuskyLens
  • Maqueen Plus V2


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