STEM x IoT Course
Aged 8+
10 hours
Block Coding
IoT Coding
This course introduces fundamental coding concepts and dives into the Internet of Things (IoT) and its transformative potential in agriculture. Engage in hands-on projects, utilizing various sensors, to gain practical experience in STEM applications. This course provides a clear and accessible introduction to the intersection of technology and the natural world, empowering students with the skills to innovate in the field of IoT.

Learning Objectives:

  • Master IoT basics to build smart agricultural tools.
  • Explore sensor technology for environmental monitoring.
  • Develop and program practical IoT devices for farming.

Course Outline:

  • Smart Watering System | Make a watering system by using soil moisture sensor, water level sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Servo and OLED to monitor the moisture of the soil
  • Humidity and Temperature Control | Make use of the DHT11 sensor and the OLED screen, and explore the use of the ThinkSpeak cloud service
  • Farm Protection System | Use the PIR sensor and Sonar:bit to detect any approaching object, and use rainbow LED to emit light to warn them away
  • Automatic Light System | Make automatic light system by light sensors.
  • Comfortable Fish Tank | Make water-temperature regulation system by DS18B20 sensor
  • Pest-proof Agricultural System | Use the servo motor and rainbow LED to create a pest catching device
  • Height Monitoring System | Detect the height of domestic plants using sonar:bit
  • Plant Rescue System | Make a shielding device to close the window when the sunlight is too strong or when it is raining using light detectors and DHT11 sensor
  • Auto Feeding System | Make an auto-feeding system with the RTC module and the servo
  • Build your smart home! | Go through all the sensors and create own device


  • None

Software Requirements:

  • Una Virtual Classroom - Intermediate / Microsoft MakeCode

Hardware Requirements:

  • Tablet/Notebook/Desktop
  • Micro:bit Bundle x 1
    • micro:bit x 1
    • battery holder x 1
  • ElecFreak - Smart agriculture kit x1


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