Swift Playground Course
Aged 8+
8 hours
Coding / Algorithm
This course introduces the exciting world of programming through the Swift language and Swift Playgrounds, making learning to code a fun experience with interactive games. Students will grasp programming concepts, enhance their problem-solving abilities, and develop logical thinking skills.

Learning Objectives:

  • Grasp the basics of programming by learning to control avatars, create functions, and debug code.
  • Understand the use of loops, conditional statements, and logical operators to manage flow control in coding tasks.
  • Learn to apply algorithms and handle data using variables to solve problems and navigate through coding challenges.

Course Outline:

  • Commands | Understand how program works with command
  • Functions | Understand how to create and apply function to group tasks.
  • Loop | Understand how to use for loop to repeat task(s) for a specific number of times.
  • If Statement | Understand how to use conditional statements to handle the expected situation.
  • Logical Operator | Understand how to use logical operators (&&, ||, !) for complicated conditions.
  • While | Understand how to use while loop to repeat task until condition has been met.
  • Algorithms | Understand the concept of algorithm to simplify the steps.
  • Variables | Understand the concept of variables to manage data.


  • None

Software Requirements:

  • Swift Playground

Hardware Requirements:

  • iPad/iMac/MacBook


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