Unity Game Development Course
Aged 16+
20 hours
Digital Game Design and Development
This course introduces the exciting world of game development with Unity, providing you with the foundational skills to create both 2D and 3D interactive games. Discover how to navigate and utilize Unity Hub and Unity Editor, understand the whole game design and development process, and manipulate essential 3D objects and components. Delve into Unity's scripting to add dynamic behaviors to your projects, explore the integration of immersive audio, and learn the principles of 2D creation and UI design. Culminating in a practical project, you will build a 3D snake game from scratch.

Learning Objectives:

  • Master the Unity interface to manage projects and craft 3D and 2D game elements.
  • Write scripts to program behaviors and interactions within Unity game.
  • Design and build a 3D snake game, integrating UI, audio, and game logic.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Unity | Learn how to use Unity Hub, Unity Editor
  • Real-time creation | Understand the concept of real time development
  • Essential real-time 3D object | Learn about components, which give you control over the ways objects look and behave.
  • Essentials of programming in Unity | Learn how to write script and add it to a GameObject as a component
  • Essentials of real-time audio | Explore and experiment with audio in Unity
  • Essentials of real-time 2D | Learn about 2D creation and the importance of building user interface
  • Snake game | Learn how to create a complete game by 3D snake game project


  • Prior experience with basic programming concepts is recommended.

Software Requirements:

  • Unity Hub
  • Unity - Include Visual Studio for Unity extension
  • Visual Studio Code

Hardware Requirements:


Other Requirements:

  • Educator (School) may apply educator plan for free to enjoy the functions in Pro plan


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