Web x AI Course
Aged 14+
22 hours
JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Web Development
This course introduces the exciting intersection of web development and artificial intelligence. Ideal for web applications development beginners, the curriculum covers key concepts in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap, while also teaching students how to enhance their web applications with AI models using APIs. Engage in practical projects and gain the skills needed to create intelligent web solutions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Master basic web development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Use Bootstrap and APIs to build interactive websites.
  • Implement AI models to enhance web applications.

Course Outline:

  • Web Basic | Understand the basic concepts of web development: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • JavaScript Basic | Understand how use JavaScript to control webpage
  • Bootstrap | Understand how to use Front-end framework to create UI | Hands-on: Create a web calculator
  • Retrieve and use data from API | Understand how to retrieve data from API | Hands-on: Create a weather website by real time data
  • Web x AI | Understand how to use trained AI model in Web


  • Python Basics Course or equivalent

Software Requirements:

  • Visual Studio Code

Hardware Requirements:

  • Notebook/Desktop with updated browser
  • Webcam


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