2021 Summer Teacher Training has come to a fruitful end!

Learning AI has become a notable trend in the educational world. The K-12 is keen on organizing various AI-related training courses for their students. On August 6th, we held the third round of AI teacher training to better inform teachers about the AI course designed by the professional team of Una (MagiCube), explained the general inquires and special announcements to facilitate AI education in school for the long run.

Teachers from over 15 schools joined this face-to-face training session at the Christian Alliance Cheng Wing Gee College (CWGC). The training showed how well the Una Platform could support AI education in both face-to-face and remote lessons using the latest AI Web App technology developed by Una Platform. Teachers successfully used Microsoft Azure AI and Google Teachable Machine to code different AI programs and games through Una Platform, without the need of purchasing any extra micro-controllers and sensors. Lastly, participants also experience how Una’s virtual classroom can facilitate the teacher-to-student interaction and enhance overall teaching quality.

The training course is organized by The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education and co-organized by Una (MagiCube). Also, the training is supported by Office of the Government Chief Information Officer) and HKPC Inno Space. We are eager to see you at the next event!