Design Inspire 2019

Leo is invited by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) to share his ideas on “Urbanovation Series (III) fostering participatory education“, promoting STEM education in Hong Kong. According to our users’ feedback, Una could help shape and propel happy participatory education.

Our product, Una Board is a customizable and easy-to-build leaning material for STEM education. It can be setup as a road trail, a maze, a tunnel or even a bridge with limitless combinations. We were glad to see that our guests enjoyed their time and had fun with Una Board.

We are honoured to host a workshop ”Become a pioneer steam innovator using Una“ with Mr Wong Kwok Kau (STEM coordinator of Ko Lui Secondary School) for the public. We were proud to see that after the lesson, everyone could present and explain how to use STEM to create smart living devices and demonstrate its collaborative learning features.

We hope you all enjoyed the programs and see you in the next event!