Esperanza “EdTech Showcase” sharing has come to an end

Thanks to the invitation of Esperanza, on 1 June 2022, our founder Dr. Leo Yeung had joined a virtual “EdTech Showcase” by Esperanza, shared Una’s vision and showcased the uniqueness of Una Platform with the audience. Also, we were honoured to have invited Ms. Brenda Yau, the Head of the ICT Department at Bishop Hall Jubilee School, to share her experience using Una Platform. Ms. Yau likes the real-time interactive feature of the Una platform, which can effectively understand students’ learning progress. She also appreciates the Una team for actively coordinating with the school during the pandemic, allowing students to complete the Microsoft AI-900 certification successfully. Thanks to educators’ support, we can continue to provide primary and secondary schools with excellent AI education and popularize AI in the most effective way.