Learning and Teaching Expo 2019

We participated in the Learning and Teaching Expo 2019 (LTE) and showcased our flagship products. For the second year in a row, we received more than 1000+ responses from teachers, educational experts, NGOs, investors, and government officials on their interests towards Una.

It was the debut of Una for AI education, and we proudly presented it to our visitors. Una enables AI education to be taught remotely for age 8+ students.

A lesson on object recognition with Una was used as a live demonstration by Mr Jonathan Yau, STEM teacher from Lam Tai Fai College. Participators appreciated our API quota features and believed our AI model and application explanation were well-designed.

Mr Alvin Ma, Head of Innovative Teaching and Educational Research Team from St. Hilary’s Primary School, and a frequent user of Una, recommended using Una on iPads and believed Una enables collaborative coding.

As one of the winners of Esperanza, we were invited by Mr John Tsang to provide insights on STEM education. We are confident our products can benefit education stakeholders.

It was a memorable event and we thank all the visitors who dropped by. See you all next year!