Online Workshop Sharing - Catalysing Innovation with EdTech

Last week, the founder of Una Platform, Dr. Leo Yeung, joined the online workshop “Catalysing Innovation with EdTech” hosted by Esperanza. It was a great pleasure to gain insights into how foundations, venture capitalists, universities, and startups can work together to unlock the social value of education technology.
In the discussion session about Funding Support on EdTech, Dr. Leo Yeung mentioned, “Hong Kong Government should set up an EdTech specific budget for Impact Investment to support early-stage EdTech startups. The investment decision factors should not strictly include requirements of i) high short-term financial return, ii) co-investor, iii) university or NGO involvement, but include i) the social benefits made or will make, ii) testimonials, and iii) sustainability.”
We believe technology can be the catalyst of social improvements. With the support from different stakeholders, Hong Kong based EdTech companies should become the key to education innovation and technology hub.