Tech For Future 2023 | Starts invitation

From May to July 2023, with the assistance of the Hong Kong Computer Education Association and the Hong Kong Federation of Chinese Secondary Schools and the support of various organizations, Una will hold the “Tech For Future” innovation training camp and competition 2023, continuing to Contribute to the training of innovation and technology talents in Hong Kong. This event is also a warm-up match for the “Microsoft Imagine Cup Junior”. All primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong can participate as teams. Participating teams must attend the training camp on one of the Saturdays in May. After the training camp, all students will receive Microsoft AI-900 certificate exam vouchers and a 1-month free subscription to the Una self-study intensive course, and can complete AI- 900 exam. Primary schools and secondary schools will compete separately. The competition dates will be July 13 and July 14 respectively. Participating teams must attend the competition on the corresponding dates, and the award ceremony will be held on the same day.

Since 2021, Una has joined hands with leading technology and academic institutions to hold the “Tech For Future” innovation training camp and competition. It is hoped that through sharing, training and competitions, students can experience the fun of scientific research and increase their Awareness of innovation and technology. Just as “ChatGPT” and other generative artificial intelligence tools will become popular all over the world at the end of 2022, we look forward to more teams participating and more different types of works this year.