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Una and Tak Sun Secondary School introduce professional curriculum in AI education

Recently, Una and Tak Sun Secondary School were interviewed by Ezone. Tak Sun develops AI learning to keep abreast of the latest IT development and students can lay a solid foundation for the future. Una meets the needs of Tak Sun by offering AI courses to students according to their abilities, and ultimately helps them to obtain Microsoft AI-900 certificates.

AI is a key driver of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, but the current education system does not include AI. Therefore, Una’s curriculum incorporates Microsoft’s certificate framework to teach students a variety of simple AI techniques with blocks coding. Upon completion of the course, students can easily create different AI devices and participate in technology innovation competitions.

Interview with HKICT Award winners


Dr Leo Yeung was interviewed by The article introduced Una platform how it aids teaching and learning in STEM Education, and training students’ problem-solving skills through coding and helps teachers to adapt the transformation in teaching STEM.