Reported by Hong Kong Economic Times

Talent Pool | Start-ups participating in the Science Park NxTEC Internship Program can expand their talent pool! Students: Learning opportunities surpass those at large corporations.


As Una Technologies, we have successfully expanded our talent pool by participating in the Science Park NxTEC Internship Program, which has brought us 11 interns over the past four years. Our experience with the program has been positive, offering extensive learning opportunities that surpass those at larger companies and fostering a supportive and forgiving work culture that is beneficial for fresh graduates entering the workforce. Our interns, like Cheung who discovered his passion for STEM education during his time with us, have gained valuable skills and insights, with some even joining us as full-time employees after their internships. We value the initiative and creativity of our interns, which has contributed significantly to our growth and development in the ed-tech sector.

Interview with Una


Una was featured in Section A of Hong Kong Economic Times. The title reads ‘Start-up STEM platform helps teachers teach coding, understand students learning progress, sample code makes coding education much easier’.