Sick Leave Tomorrow reports | Una's online cloud-based interactive AI education platform helps schools nurture tech talent

Thanks to Sick Leave Tomorrow for the interview earlier. In this interview, we shared our mission for developing the Una platform 💭: “Students are able to build AI devices on the Una platform and experience how #technology bring imaginations and possibilities to human …”. We also encouraged students to “learn coding and grasp AI step by step, including conceptual knowledge and practical usage…”.
Want to know how Una works with schools to nurture techtalent? ✨ Click on the link below to view the interview. 👀
📣 We want You❗
Una is now hiring for a variety of talents, including:
.Technical Sales – Full time
.Graduate Trainee – Full time
.Designer – Freelance/Part-time
.R&D Researcher / Engineer / Programmer – Full time
.STEM / AI Trainer – Full time
Go to the link below for Recruitment details and to submit your application. 📝 You can’t miss it! ☺️