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" Tech For Future" Innovation Training Camp and Competition

Una and HKACE will organize the “Tech For Future” Innovation Training Camp and Competition 2024 from April to July 2024. This event is supported by the HKCMS, OGCIO, and a number of other organizations. It also serves as a warm-up competition for the Microsoft Imagine Cup Junior (MS ICJ), with teams from Hong Kong’s primary and secondary schools eligible to compete. Participating teams must attend the training camp on one of the Saturdays in April. Following the training camp, participant teams must submit a 2-minute presentation film to compete for an opportunity in the finals. The first eight registered student teams will be given complimentary vouchers for the Microsoft AI-900 certification exam and Una’s self-study intense course. They will have the chance to take the AI-900 exam in May. The finals will take place on Friday, July 12, with separate tournaments for primary and secondary schools. Participating teams must attend the competition on the specified date, and the award ceremony will be place on the same day. Since 2021, Una has been collaborating with leading technology companies and academic institutions to organize the “Tech For Future” Innovation Training Camp and Competition. The aim is to provide students with opportunities to share, learn, and compete, fostering their interest in scientific research. This year, with the addition of the MS ICJ opening up to primary schools and the popularity of various generative AI technologies worldwide, we look forward to more teams participating and showcasing a diverse range of projects. Teams interested in participating must register online by March 25th April 4th or earlier. For more information, please refer to the following details:

Relevant Organizations


  • Una Technologies Limited(Microsoft Global Education Partner, an EdTech company based at Hong Kong Science Park)
  • The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education(HKACE)


  • The Association of Hong Kong Chinese Middle Schools (HKCMS)

Supporting Organizations:

  • Office of the Government Chief Information Officer(OGCIO)
  • The University of Hong Kong – Department of Computer Science(HKUCS)
  • Microsoft
  • Hong Kong Science Park(HKSTP)
  • Aerosim (HK) Ltd
  • Turned-E Education Limited
  • Hong Kong Technology Advancement Group (HKtag)

Event Details

【Phase 1: Training Camp】

The training camp is a one-day, 3.5-hour in-person training session held in various districts of Hong Kong. Participating teams are required to attend on one of the designated days. The training content is generally consistent across all groups. The primary languages used in the training camp are Cantonese and Traditional Chinese, but there may be some content available only in English. Students who complete the entire training camp in the first phase will receive a participation certificate.
  1. Group 1:6th April 2024 (Saturday)
    ▪ Location: HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School
    ▪ Time:09:30-13:00
  2. Group 2:13th 20th April 2024 (Saturday)
    ▪ Location:HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute No.1 Secondary School
  3. Group 3:27th April 2024 (Saturday)
    ▪ Location: Fanling Kau Yan College
    ▪ Time:09:30-13:00

* Training Content:

  1. Introduction to activities and competitions | Una
  2. Introduction to the MS ICJ competition, how cloud computing improves lives, and the AI-900 certificate. | Microsoft / Una
  3. Simulation competition – demonstration and sharing by award-winning innovators and technologists. | Aerosim, Turned-E etc (each group is different).
  4. MS ICJ Framework Innovation and Technology Training | Una
  5. Easy-to-use AI technology application experience, AI model training, and prototype development training | Una
All students in the first eight teams who successfully register for Tech For Future 2024 and attend the training camp will receive a free Microsoft certificate exam coupon, as well as a free Una self-study intensive course to obtain the globally and industry-certified Microsoft AI-900 artificial intelligence Intelligent basic certification. Students will self-study the Microsoft AI-900 certificate content on the Una platform and take the AI-900 exam at the Una office (Address: Unit 345, 3/F, 19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Hong Kong) after completing the training camp. The exam must be completed on working days in May 2024, and the leading teacher must make an appointment with the Una team in advance.

Students from other teams can obtain Una’s self-study AI-900 intensive reading course for FREE as long as they participate in the training camp, and can freely choose to pay for it at their own expense (USD 75 ) Complete the AI-900 online exam by yourself. For more information, please refer to

The Microsoft AI-900 training aims to enhance students’ understanding of AI technology. Whether students participate in the Microsoft AI-900 certification exam and their performance in the exam will not affect the evaluation results of the preliminary or final rounds.

【Phase 2:Preliminary Round】

To qualify for the finals, participating teams must give a short video of no more than 2 minutes to the judges about the work’s concept. This competition is a practice match for the “Microsoft Imagine Cup Junior” and is separated into two groups (primary and secondary school). The primary group’s theme is “Tech for Good,” while the secondary school group’s topic is “AI for Good.” For further information, please visit: All entries may be utilized in the 2025 “Microsoft Imagine Cup Junior” competition. Only students aged 5–18 are eligible to participate. Other competition details will be released throughout the training camp.
  1. The content of the video should include but not be limited to:
    ▪Team name, school to which they belong, name of the teacher leading the team and names of students
    ▪ The category chosen by the team Tech For Good / AI For Good – (AI for: earth, humanitarian action, accessibility, cultural heritage, or health)
    ▪ The problem the team wants to solve
    ▪ Team philosophy
    ▪ Key points learned from the team’s participation in the competition
  2. Deadline and time for submitting short films: 18:00 on Friday, the 31st of May 2024
  3. Submit a short video: Share the link via the cloud or social platform (such as YouTube)
  4. Preliminary judges: Una, co-organizers/supporters, and other expert representatives.
  5. Results announcement: The organizer will notify finalists (no more than ten teams from primary and secondary schools respectively) to attend the finals and award ceremony by the 21st of June 2024..

【Phase 3: Finals】

The finalists must personally introduce the concept of their work to the judges and display their works with the same topic as in the preliminary stage. This competition is organized into two categories: primary and secondary school. The primary and secondary school category tournaments will take place simultaneously on the same day, but independently. The award ceremony will take place at the end of the same day.
  1. Time:The 12th of July 2024 (Friday)
    ▪ Competition time: 9:00-11:30
    ▪ Award ceremony time: 12:15-13:00
  2. Final location: Microsoft Hong Kong Limited (15/F, Cyberport 2, 100 Cyberport Road Hong Kong)
  3. Final judges: Representatives from Microsoft, Hong Kong Science Park, Department of Computer Science, University of Hong Kong and other experts
  4. Final format:
    ▪ Played between teams and behind closed doors.
    ▪ All teams must attend the competition in person to be eligible to win the prize.
    ▪ The competition time for each team is 8 minutes for briefing speech and 5 minutes for Q&A.
  5. Final prizes (same for primary and secondary schools):
    ▪ Champion team:
    – Each student will receive a Microsoft Surface Go (each worth approximately HKD 4,000), a medal and Una x Microsoft Certificate of Merit
    – The school you belong to can win a trophy
    – Recommend to launch innovative technology invention projects in the Hong Kong Science Park (successful teams will receive a subsidy of $100,000)
    ▪ First Prize:
    – Each student can receive other rich prizes, medals and Una x Microsoft Certificate of Merit
    – The school you belong to can win a trophy
    ▪ Second Prize:
    – Each student will receive a medal and Una x Microsoft Certificate of Merit
    -The school you belong to can win a trophy
    ▪ Third Prize
    – Each student can receive Una x Microsoft Certificate of Merit



Deadline for Registration

The 25th of March The 4th of April (The team teachers will receive confirmation of eligibility from the conference within 7 days.)

Online Registration


  1. The scondary school quota is provisionally set at 30 teams, while the primary school quota is also tentatively set at 30.
  2. Each team must consist of one teacher and two to six pupils. The same teacher can be on multiple teams, but each school can only submit up to two.
  3. Success registered teams must submit school information, responsible teacher information, participating student names and emails, and furthermore.
  4. Secondary school places will be prioritized for schools that have participated in the HKACE Youth IT Ambassador Award (YITAA), but this will have no bearing on the sponsorship of Microsoft AI-900 certificate exam vouchers for the first eight successfully registered teams in this event.
  5. During the event, the organizer will record video and film. After completing the online registration form, each participating team agrees to accept the information throughout the tournament.
    Related films and photographs are made available for promotional purposes.


If you have any questions regarding filling out the form, please contact the Una team.
▪ Website:
▪ Email:[email protected]
▪ Tel / WhatsApp:+852 6711 2315
▪ Address:Unit 345, 3/F, 19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Hong Kong