"UnaGPT" AI auto marking system will be available soon. Schools are kindly welcome to apply for a trial period (Ended).

Currently, grading students’ assignments is a time-consuming task for teachers, even when providing comments or suggestions for each question. However, advancements in generative AI technology offer a solution to this issue.


Una is introducing an AI-powered automatic grading feature called “UnaGPT” on the Una platform in August. By inputting questions, reference answers, and scores, teachers can create assignments or in-class quizzes. The platform utilizes the OpenAI GPT-4 model from Microsoft Azure to automatically grade students’ submitted answers and provide corresponding scores, comments, or suggestions for each question.


To address concerns about the accuracy of AI grading, UnaGPT provides two modes for teachers to choose from: “Check First, Release Later” and “Release First, Check Later.” In the “Check First, Release Later” mode, AI scores and feedback are verified and adjusted by teachers before being released to students. In the “Release First, Check Later” mode, AI scores and feedback are promptly released to students, allowing them to make appeals. Teachers can review and modify the scores and feedback after verification, all within the Una platform.


This new technology revolutionizes traditional educational practices, making learning more efficient for students and freeing up time for teachers to handle other tasks. If you are interested in trying out this innovative approach, which enhances the learning experience, please click on the link for more information!