AI Maker x AI-900 Certificate Exam Preparation Course

AI Maker x AI-900 certificate exam preparation online training course

In this course, we introduce students to AI concepts, limitations and responsibilities by applying different AI technologies and training AI models using Microsoft AI and Google AI. Students can meet the required standard to take the Microsoft AI-900 Certificate Exam.

Hong Kong's first and youngest student to have obtained Microsoft AI-900 Certificate
AI Maker x AI-900 Training Course

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  • 1 hour teacher-led online live trial class
  • For child aged 10+ and adult
  • Maximum 6 students in online trial class
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Best fit for learners with AI experience

HKD 950 / USD 125
Instructor-led training
Una AI Maker Course
Microsoft AI-900 Intensive Course
Microsoft Azure Practical Exercises
Microsoft AI-900 Exam Voucher
Passing Guarantee
Una Student Basic Subscription
Microsoft Azure AI Credit
3-month WhatsApp Support

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HKD 3,200 / USD 415
6-hour instructor-led training
Una AI Maker Course
Microsoft AI-900 Intensive Course
Microsoft Azure Practical Exercises
Microsoft AI-900 Exam Voucher
Passing Guarantee
Una Student Basic Subscription
Microsoft Azure AI Credit
3-month Priority Support

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Course highlight

Obtain Microsoft AI-900 certificate, learn AI and Machine Learning through making AI devices

Microsoft AI-900 Certificate (Industry-level and globally recognized)

Machine Learning

AI Maker

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Standard training package includes...

Una AI Maker Course (5 lessons, 2 hours/lesson, total 10 hours)

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Microsoft AI-900 Intensive Course, including mock exam (3 lessons, 2 hours/lesson, total 6 hours)

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Video-Assisted Learning on Microsoft Azure Practical Exercises (2.25 hours)

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Microsoft AI-900 Exam Voucher & Exam Arrangement Service

View AI-900 Introduction

Passing Guarantee

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Una Student Basic Account Annual Subscription

Pre-paid Microsoft Azure AI Credit

AI Concept Explanation & Technical Support on using Una Platform

Upon completion of this course

students can ...

AI900 Certificate

Try to obtain the industry-level globally recognized Microsoft AI-900 certificate

AI Maker min

Make different AI devices with blocks coding

Get ready to join advanced training, e.g. invent AI devices in technology innovation competition

Testimonial of this course

"The sudden epidemic has caused school suspension. It’s a breath of share to find a product that allows students to learn AI continuously at home. Empowered by Una, students can participate in online lessons interactively and collaboratively. It is surprising that students can even test the coding result through a Raspberry Pi remotely. As a teacher, I appreciate that the lessons provide clear learning objectives and comprehensive design of assessments so that we can review what students have learned. Like!"
Mr Jimmy Chan
Vice Chairman of Council of the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education (HKACE) and Head of IT committee of SKH Li Fook Hing Secondary School
“I am a science teacher without IT background, but Una helps me to conduct AI courses efficiently and solves problems encountered by teachers before, during and after class.”
Mr Jonathan Yau
STEM Education Coordinator of Lam Tai Fai College


Artificial Intelligence is first defined as a technology that can perform tasks in a complex environment through a machine but does not require programming or human guiding it to perform each action. In other words, a technology that simulates human’s cognitive ability through computing. With this technology, we can let AI do the complicated tasks, hence improve efficiency and save manpower. Due to the development of the technology, the current definition of AI is to think, learn, decide and act like a human brain. And becomes a technology that the machine simulates human’s cognitive ability. 

The global economic impact of AI is expected to reach nearly $16 trillion by 2030. Our students will enter a workforce increasingly powered by AI. As with countless other technological advancements through history, the growing use of AI will lead to the creation of new jobs and disciplines. Ignoring AI is equivalent to ignoring the internet in the late 20th century or ignoring social media a decade ago, may be scoured by the times.

Kids from age 10+ in general

  1. We utilize our self-developed AI education platform, Una, to monitor and keep track of the students’ learning progress and provide real-time explanation to their answers.
  2. The course is developed by our professional team led by Dr. Leo Yeung (specialised in computer science) and Dr. Jason Chan (specialised in mechanical engineering).
  3. All the trainers and assistants obtained AI-900 or equivalent qualification.
  4. The remote class size will not exceed 6 students per trainer. The face-to-face class size will not exceed 12 students per trainer. More assistants will join the class if there are more students than the limit.

No hardware requirement. Students will code the Raspberry Pi and sensors remotely through Una Platform.

Students need to login both Microsoft Teams and Una Platform for learning and coding, but it is unnecessary to use the same device.

  1. Microsoft Teams: Please download Microsoft Teams here and find out the detail of device requirements.
  2. Una Platform: Student can login Una with an internet-accessible computer, laptop or IPad, using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge up-to-date browsers.

Important Notes for Login Una:

  1. Smartphone is not supported
  2. For IPad users, it requires iPadOS 13.1 or above
  3. Login with computer or laptop, using normal mode on the browser (NOT Incognito Mode), can enjoy a better user experience
  1. When we receive your registration, we will send you Una Platform login instruction.
  2. Once you receive login instruction, before the class, please visit and see if you can login Una successfully. Otherwise, please change your device or update your browser prior class to ensure we can start the lesson on time and smoothly.

Why choose Una?

We conduct interactive teaching and learning on our award-winning platform, Una, which integrates different AI technology, provides virtual classroom features, and more!

We are a Microsoft Global Training Partner, Certiport Authorized Testing Center, team of PhD computer scientists, engineers and educators, trusted by the Government, Schools and Microsoft.