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Real-time Interactive AI Education Platform

Una platform provides all-in-one solution combining teacher training, curriculum, pedagogy, and tools, enabling teachers to quickly grasp the essentials for teaching K-12 students Artificial Intelligence (AI) effectively.

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Renowned EdTech Awards and Honors

Microsoft Global Training Partner
CATCCertiport Authorized Testing Center
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Teach and learn AI effectively on Una Platform Students will learn technology knowledge and train 21st Century 4Cs skills by ...

Creating powerful AI devices with Microsoft AI, Google AI, Raspberry Pi, micro:bit and sensors

Coding on a blocks-coding editor, modified Microsoft MakeCode

Communicating in a cloud-based and real-time interactive virtual classroom

Studying with a well-structured Una''s curriculum or teacher's tailor-made learning content

All-in-one Teaching Tool for AI Education

Includes all learning management functions teachers' need in blocks-coding lessons for teaching Coding, STEM and AI

Using cloud & real-time technology to monitor individual students’ learning progress, teachers can provide instant guidance to students in face-to-face class, remote class and after class

Other Features

Easy-to-use blocks coding

Allows easy making of powerful micro:bit and AI devices using blocks coding, empowered by native and our modified Microsoft Makecode.

Hands-on making AI devices

Integrate online AI technology (e.g. Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services) and graphical AI model training tool (e.g. Google Teachable Machine).

Sharing hardware in group

Reduces the cost by sharing Raspberry Pi and sensors (e.g. Grove) with groupmates.

AI quota management

Assign school/teacher quota to individual students in using different Cloud API calls and avoid overspending due to students coding mistakes.

IoT devices management

Assigns access control to different IoT Devices (e.g. Raspberry Pi) for different group of students.

Remote AI Lab

Able to run and test coding programs wirelessly on remote Raspberry Pi & sensors (e.g. Grove) by WiFi/Internet.

Preload codes

Allows teachers to provide instructions and tips to students, saving students time in selecting blocks from zero, and sparing more time for core teaching topics.

Collaborative learning

Enables students to engage in problem-solving challenge with their peers in a fun way.

Support ready-to-use or self-upload teaching content

Saves trainer's preparation time with 100+ hours ready-to-use lessons and allows trainers to upload their own content.

Flexible grouping

Assigns students of different levels to different groups to cater to learners’ diversity before or during lesson.

Task-by-task learning

Allows students to learn and solve challenging problems in their own pace to achieve adaptive learning

Lock step

Maintains the overall progress of the class and encourage students cooperation.

In-app group chat

Allows trainers to enable in-app group chat in group discussion and disable it afterwards.

Single Sign-On and one-time password login

Supports Single Sign-On (SSO) login by Microsoft, Google and Facebook account and also supports one-time password login by email.

One-click assembly

Assembles all online students in one click to join a virtual classroom to speed up classroom setup.

Cloud auto-save

Allows students to continue learning after class without teachers. Students’ learning will not be affected under power or network failure.

Real-time dashboard

Encourages students to present their work and quickly evaluates their performance by locating common mistakes in class.

Q&A Session

Allows teachers to evaluate students’ understanding and collect feedback to adjust their teaching pace and strategies.

Shareable link

Students can build up private links and public links to share their work with classmates, school members, and the public. Using shareable link in collaborative learning enhances in-class discussion.

Well-structured Learning Path Learn how to create AI devices and get Microsoft AI Certificate from zero in four steps

1. STEM Beginner

Students are introduced to STEM with interesting stories to learn the basic logic and concept to build programs by blocks coding.

STEM Maker min

2. STEM Maker

Under the theme of smart city, students learn advanced coding skills, electronics and scientific knowledge by applying different sensors.

3. AI Maker

Students learn AI concepts, limitation and responsibility by applying different AI technology and training AI models with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and Google Teachable Machine.

4. AI-900

Student learn AI concept intensively, try mock exam and get ready for the AI-900 exam, supplemented with guidelines on related Microsoft Azure practical exercises

Professional teacher training prepared by our engineering PhDs

Join Dr. Leo and Dr. Jason in the quest of becoming professional AI teachers. With research and teaching background in IT and STEM, our PhD instructors will nurture teachers computational thinking, STEM, AI technology and hands-on crafting skills. We ensure that all teachers trained by Una are equipped with the best teaching methods and most updated technical skills for the digital era.

Not convinced? See what educators, learners and our founder say!

Highlights of school teachers feedbacks

"It’s difficult to find a product that allows students to learn AI continuously at home. Empowered by Una, students can participate in the online lesson interactively and collaboratively. It is surprising that students can even test the coding result through a Raspberry Pi remotely. As a teacher, I appreciate that the lessons provide clear learning objectives and comprehensive design of assessments so that we can review what students have learned. Like!"
Mr Jimmy Chan
Vice Chairman of Council of the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education (HKACE) and Head of IT committee of SKH Li Fook Hing Secondary School
“Una lessons are also well-paced and offer different levels of difficulties for students with different coding abilities. This platform provides great freedom for students to demonstrate their creativity and programming ability on the Challenge page. All students’ works are collected onto the same platform, which becomes very convenient for teachers to manage and follow up on their work.”
Ms Pauline Ip
STEM & IT in Education Coordinator from Diocesan Boys' School Primary Division
“It is easy and convenient to upload my own teaching content onto Una. Una helps students to study in groups that cater to individual learning diversity.”
Mr Eric Leung
Vice-Chairman of Association of I.T. Leaders in Education (AiTLE) and Head of Technology Education in Munsang College (Hong Kong Island)

Trusted by ...


More than 70 schools are enjoying the benefits of Una for micro:bit and AI education. We are also supported by numerous teachers’ associations, including The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education (HKACE) and Association of IT Leaders in Education (AiTLE).


Cooperating with the Education Bureau (EDB) and the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), we provide government-supported training courses for AI Education to teachers.


As Microsoft’s Global Training Partner, we provide AI training to 30 schools in the city through the Microsoft AI Pilot School Program. The first batch of more than 50 Una students successfully passed the Microsoft AI-900 certificate, with 98% pass rate.

Una Virtual Classroom Annual Subscription Best fit for Schools, Youth Centers, NGOs and Homeschooling


  • Both types of subscription below include free tasting course modules:
    1. Three STEM Beginner Course Modules (3 hours in total)
    2. Two AI Maker Course Modules (2 hours in total)
  • Each subscription binds to one school/organization only
  • Mouseover on items below to view detail


Up to 1 teacher account & 5 students accounts



All Una virtual classroom functions
Up to 3 self-upload activities
Up to 100 times per AI service
Online technical support


Start from 1 teacher account & 1 student account

HKD480 / USD62 per teacher

HKD80 / USD12 per student

All Una virtual classroom functions
Unlimited self-upload activities
Up to [100 x No. of student] times per AI service
Priority technical support

Extension - Una Courses Annual Subscription Additionally, basic account users may subscribe to these ready-to-use course modules to speed up teacher training process and conduct training immediately. 

1. STEM Beginner

+ HKD40 / USD6 per student
10 Core Course Modules (10 hours in total)
7 Exercises (7 hours in total)
Priority teacher training

2. STEM Maker

+ HKD80 / USD11 per student
6 Core Course Modules (10 hours in total)
7 Exercises (9 hours in total)
Priority teacher training

3. AI Maker

+ HKD200 / USD26 per student
10 Core Course Modules (10 hours in total)
7 Exercises (7 hours in total)
Priority teacher training

4. AI-900

(Coming Soon)
7 Core Course Modules (6 hours in total)
17 Exercises (2.25 hours in total)
Priority teacher training
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Teachers and students can benefit from:

  1. Low entry barrier – General AI development tools require prior knowledge of text-based programming language (e.g. Python), but we support block-coding.

  2. Learning management tool using AI technology – schools/students do not need any credit card to subscribe and use cloud-based AI Services. Also, we can avoid overspending caused by student coding mistake.

  3. Supports hybrid learning – The platform is designed for K-12 students learning AI and support face-to-face class, remote class and after-class teaching activities. Virtual classroom enhances teaching and learning effectiveness. 
Yes, customers are welcome to contact us to get the latest learning modules detail, including module description, learning objective and sample book. Welcome to contact us for more information (Call/WhatsApp +85267112315 or Email: info@una.study).

Yes, customers are welcome to subscribe the basic users to get all the functions of the virtual classroom without any content. 

Yes, you are welcome to contact us for details of the latest learning modules, including module description, learning objectives and sample book. Welcome to contact us for more information (Call/WhatsApp +85267112315 or Email: info@una.study).

No, there are no monthly subscription packages.

No, one teacher/student user account can only be used by one teacher/student. All users are required to access Una through Single Sign-one (SSO) login.

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