Interactive Education

Una transforms Coding, STEM, and AI education by using collaborative virtual classrooms

Brings teachers & students together

Una means “together” in Latin. It is the world’s first collaborative virtual classroom that embeds and modifies Microsoft MakeCode, and drive BBC micro:bit and Raspberry Pi, allowing co-teaching and co-learning in blocks coding lessons

Coding & stem education

Trains students’ computational thinking, problem-solving and STEM skills by blocks coding on micro:bit intelligent devices

AI education

Trains students’ AI concept, usage, limitation and ethic by hands-on making AI devices through blocks coding on Raspberry Pi

Remote education

Trains students continuously, breaks the limitation of time and space, meets high-level learning standard by real-time evaluation


Collaborative virtual classroom

Collaborative teaching & learning

Improves education quality

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Una-AI (raspberry pi)


Easy-to-use blocks coding

Make innovative AI devices with modified Microsoft MakeCode

Hands-on making ai devices

Integrate online AI technology, including Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

Easy-to-use blocks coding

Remote control Raspberry Pi & Grove sensors

IoT devices management

Manage usage quota and access control IoT Devices (e.g. Raspberry Pi)

Avoid overspending

Set up quota for users to avoid overspending in using Cloud API calls

Low hardware cost

Reduce the cost by Remote AI Lab, reusing sensors and sharing with groupmates

Una-AI (raspberry pi)​​


AI course - eng@1x


AI maker &  AI researcher
10 lessons | 10 hours in total 

  • Learn AI Concept, Bias, Ethic, Limitation and Security
  • Empowering students to build hands-on various AI devices by blocks coding
  • Support remote education
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Una-STEM (micro:bit)


Built-in E-Books

Save teacher’s preparation time by selecting >80 hours ready-to-use lessons

Real-time evaluation (synchronous)

Give students feedback immediately and encourage students presenting creativity work in class

cloud auto-save (asynchronous)

Learn continuously without teachers and resume under failure

Flexible grouping

Use collaborative learning to cater individual learning diversity

Learning management

Provide teacher tips by preloading blocks, save time by quick assemble, enhance learning effectiveness by learning task-by-task, etc.

Lock step

Maintain the overall progress of the class and encourage cooperation

Una-STEM (micro:bit)


UnaSTEM Couse@1x


micro:bit computational thinking & stem
10 lessons | 10 hours in total

  • Learn basic computation thinking concepts by solving problems in STEM and Coding activities
  • Working with physical/virtual micro:bit
  • Support remote education

Remote teaching needs

Interactive education

Study in a virtual classroom with collaborative learning, promoting participation, encouraging sharing ideas, and motivating teamwork. Making education enjoyable anywhere and anytime.

Professional team led by engineering PhDs

Dual trainers collaborative teaching

Let’s join Dr. Leo and Dr. Jason in the quest to become an innovator. With the research background in computer science and mechanical engineering, our PhD instructors will nurture students in computational thinking, design and hands-on modeling skills. We ensure every student acquires the skills and technical knowledge for the digital era. It is time to start the journey of science and engineering and explore the digital world together!

Annual subscription (for schools only)


Frequently asked questions

Yes, customers are welcome to adjust the detail of P1-P3 plans. In addition to the above P1-P3 plan packages, customers can purchase subscription plans, teaching kits and training services separately. Welcome to contact us for quotation (Call/WhatsApp +85267112315 or Email: info@magicubedu.com).

No, these P1-P3 plans do not apply to other institutions (including tutorial schools, training centers and community centers). We provide different services and cooperation plans to other organizations, please contact us for inquiries (Call/WhatsApp +85267112315 or Email: info@magicubedu.com).

Virtual classroom

Highlights of users feedbacks

The sudden epidemic has caused students to suspend classes. It’s a breath of share to find a product that allows students to learn AI continuously at home. Empowered by Una, students can participate in the online lesson interactively and collaboratively. It is surprising that students can even test the coding result through a Raspberry Pi remotely. As a teacher, I appreciate that the lessons provide clear learning objectives and comprehensive design of assessments so that we can review what students have learned. Like!

Mr. Jimmy Chan, Vice Chairman of Council of the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education and Head of IT committee of SKH Li Fook Hing Secondary School

School suspension period could be a headache for many teachers who are teaching coding, especially when we want students to submit their work to us so that we can give them timely feedback. Una is ideal in solving our problems as the accounts are tied in with the Google Classroom accounts. The lessons are also well-paced and offer different levels of difficulties for students with different coding abilities. This platform provides great freedom for students to demonstrate their creativity and programming ability on the Challenge page. All students’ works are collected onto the same platform, which becomes very convenient for teachers to manage and follow up on their work.

Ms. Pauline Ip, STEM & IT in Education Coordinator from Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division

Una is a unique collaborative STEM learning platform on the market, which does not only allow teachers to easily review individual student learning progress, but it also provides a higher extension in teaching. With professional and prompt support from MagiCube, it is more effective for students to learn and experience AI.

Mr. Jonathan Yau, STEM Education Coordinator from Lam Tai Fai College

I like how the exercises are slow-paced and provide clear instructions to teach me how to code the robot. It is very interesting and very convenient to do without teachers’ guidance. I like the problems, especially the challenges.

Students from Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division

Using Una to learn coding enables us to get suggestions from teachers. By following a step by step approach on the web doing it slowly, we can solve most of the problems.

Students from La Salle College

Una helps to achieve a high level of teamwork & companionship among students. Problem-solving becomes easier through discussion with others

Students from SKH Holy Carpenter Secondary School