Microsoft DP-100 Online Training Course

In the exam preparation course, students can understand the machine learning flow of a professional Azure AI, use data to experiment, manage, optimize and train predictive models. Students can obtain the globally recognized Microsoft DP-100 Certificate exam upon course completion. 

*All courses must be completed within one year 

  1. 全課程導師費: HKD 350 x 20小時
    = HKD 7,000
  2. 訂閱平台或教材費: HKD 80 (一年)
  3. 考試券: / (學生自行安排考試)
  4. 硬件: /

HKD 7,080
(USD 932)

What you will learn

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Microsoft DP-100 Online Training Course

HKD 7,080 (USD 932)