User Manual

How to Enter a Virtual Classroom

interface overview

Virtual classrooms are grouped into two main sections: “in progress” and “complete”.

For a virtual classroom that is “in progress”, there are four possible statuses:

  • In progress
  • Paused
  • Assembling
  • New

Classrooms that are “complete” only have one status: 

  • Complete

Ways to view virtual classrooms

You can display virtual classrooms in order of their title, type, status, and time of creation. For example:

  • Pressing “title” would list out virtual classrooms by alphabetical order (from A to Z or from Z to A).
  • Pressing “status” would prioritize the displaying of classrooms that are “in progress”.
  • Pressing “creation time” would display classrooms from oldest to newest, or newest to oldest.

Entering a virtual classroom

There are two ways of entering a virtual classroom. These ways of entering the classroom depend on your situation:

Method 1: Through assembly from the teacher

Before the class starts, the teacher would assemble the class first. After assembly, online and students who belong to the class would see an invitation window which reminds them to attend the class. Follow these steps to enter the virtual classroom:

When the invitation window appears, press “confirm”.  

  1. When the invitation window appears, press “confirm”.  
  2. Although assembly has occurred, the class may not have been started. Please wait patiently for further instructions from the teacher. In the lower left corner of this current interface, you can see the name of your group members.  

Method 2: Entering the classroom yourself 

In the case that you were not there during assembly, you can enter virtual classrooms yourself.  

  1. Select the menu “active”. 
  2. Select a virtual classroom with the statuses “in progress”, “paused”, or “assembling”.  

After successfully entering the virtual classroom

If you successfully enter a virtual classroom with a status of “in progress”, you will see the interface shown below. If you enter virtual classrooms with other statuses, please visit the next article for enquiries.