User Manual

Access Right

The teacher who creates the Learning Activity can edit the access right of the other teachers, it includes “Admin”, “Edit” and “View”. The upper blank space area represents those users who have access right while the lower blank space area represents the users that are excluded from admin.  

  • Admin 
    • Teachers who own this access right can view, use, edit Learning Activity and change the access right 
  • Edit 
    • Teachers who own this access right can view, use and edit Learning Activity 
  • View 
    • Teachers who own this access right can only view and use the Learning Activity 

 If you want to change the access right during the creation of Learning Activity, follow the steps as follow: 

  1. Select the type of access right from the left-hand side, such as “Admin”, “Edit” and “View”. 
  2. Enter the user’s name in the blank space area to search for the user of your choice. A list will appear to show the searching result. 
  3. If you need to delete a user, move the cursor of your mouse to the user’s name and click on the cross sign 

Click the “Create” button after completing all the steps. After clicking it, a window will pop up, click “Yes” to finish it.