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One Time Password from Teacher

One Time Password from Teacher

When students forgot their login credentials, it’s usually complex to reset their password in time, and they may not be able to access their email to get an OTP. Teachers can choose to generate an OTP for them so that they can login to the platform.

Path: Teacher > User Management > Generating OTP for student

1. Choose a virtual classroom (e.g., Free: #1.Let’s program with micro:bit!)

2. Click on the “User Operation” Tab.

3. Select the student by clicking on either dropdown menu, to select by Name or Email/Username respectively.

4. Click the “Generate OTP” button. An OTP will be generated and will be shown below.

One-Time Password Login

After generating the One-Time Password by the teacher, the teacher can share the code to the student for them to login.

1. Click login

2. Fill in the student’s email and the OTP received

3. The student can now login normally.