User Manual

Grouping Template

Create Grouping Template

Grouping Template can help teachers split a class into different groups to complete group coding missions when a teaching session is created.  If teachers are starting another new teaching session, teachers can reuse the suitable grouping template without manually repeating the grouping steps. Follow the steps below to create a Grouping Template.  

  1. Click “Grouping Template” on the left-hand side of the list 
  2. Click the “New” button 
  3. Click on the text box and enter the Grouping Template’s name, e.g.: “2021 Class 5B Group 1-5″ 
  4. Click the “Add/ Remove Students” button 

5. Click on the User List and choose the designated User/ Class 

6. Select the Student names from the list on the left-hand side  

7. Click “Add” to see all the selected students’ names appear in the list on the right-hand side 

8. Click the “Confirm” button and all the chosen students’ names will appear at the “Ungrouped” area  

9. Click the box beside “Maximum Student per Group” to change the number and limit the number of people in a group 

10. Drag and drop student names from “Ungrouped” to the grouping area on the right-hand side 

11. Click “Save” if you finish all the grouping process 

Notice: Students need to be allocated into a group to participate in class. 

There is an auto grouping option for teachers. Please read the steps shown below.  

Quick Grouping

After adding all the students, you can split the class into groups without manually dragging and dropping students to the grouping area. 

  1. Repeat steps 1-9 from “Create Grouping Template” 
  2. Set the number of students per group. For example, input “2” if you want 2 students per group.  
  3. Click the “Distribute” button 
  4. Click the “Save” button 

You will see all students distribute into groups of 2 after finished all the steps. 

Editing the user list

To reallocate students into different groups, follow the steps below to change the Grouping Template. 

  1. Choose the class you want to re-group 
  2. click the “Edit” button 


  1. Drag the student’s name to the group of your choice 
  2. After all the changes, click the “Save” button 

Remove student from a group 

  1. Click the “Add/ Remove Students” button 
  2. Select the users you want to remove from the list on the right-hand side 
  3. Click the “Remove” button 
  4. Click the “Confirm” button 
  5. Click the “Save” button when you finished all the changes 

Delete Grouping Template

Delete the grouping template if it is necessary.  

  1. Click on the grouping template you want to delete 
  2. Click the “Delete” button 

Notice: You cannot undo the deleted grouping templates. 

What is Ungrouped?

Ungrouped students can still enter the teaching session but cannot perform coding tasks and read the description. Teachers need to allocate students into any groups to let students participate in the class.