User Manual

Teacher Login

Getting started to login Una Platform

This guide will introduce the basic steps for teachers to login Una Platform.

Login page

Go Una’s home page: and click the  Login Una on top, you will see the login page at

Choosing between different login methods

Una Platform supports three types of login methods. They are:

  1. Login by Third-party account,
  2. Login by One-time Password (OTP)
  3. Login by username and password

If your account is registered with email address, you should choose login method 1) or 2). Otherwise, you should choose login method 3).

Login Method 1) - By Third-party Account

  1. Choose the tab “Log in using a third-party account” and pick one of the external authentication methods (Microsoft, Google and Facebook) that your email address supports
  2. Sign in with your email and password

Login Method 2) - By One-time Password (OTP)

  1. Choose the tab “Log in using one-time password in email”
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Click “Get one-time password”
  4. Check email and get the OTP, which may take 1 minute
  5. Enter the OTP
  6. Click “Sign in”

Login Method 3) - By username and password

  1. Choose the tab “Log in using username and password”
  2. Type your username
  3. Type your password
  4. Click “Login”

Teacher successful login

No matter which login method you choose, if you login Una Platform successfully, you will see this page.