User Manual

Try Learning in a Virtual Classroom

Join a virtual classroom

After login into Una Platform, you can join a virtual classroom. In this tutorial, we will use “Free: #2. How many inputs and outputs?” as an example.

  1. Choose the tab “Active”.
  2. Choose a virtual classroom (e.g. Free #2. How many inputs and outputs?) 

View task instruction

You can follow the instructions to finish each task. When you enter a new task, the task instruction window will pop-up automatically. If you close the window, you can open it again.

  1. Click on the task name button

Q&A task

In Task 1, you will find some multiple choice questions. They are usually some knowledge check questions. 

  1. Click on the option box to choose an answer.

Submit answers

Once you finish choosing answers for one or all questions, you can submit the answers. Teacher will know whether you have submitted and your chosen answers. 

  1. Click the “Submit” 
  2. A window will pop-up, click “Confirm”  
  3. Click “Close” 

Move to another task

  1. Click the task selection tap, which is next to the “Submit” button 
  2. Choose a task to enter (e.g. Task 2: Dadadum) 

Coding task

In coding task, you can do coding using blocks. 

    1. Click any blocks category
    2. Drag any blocks from the list 
    3. Drop it on the coding workspace on the right hand side
    4. Click the play/stop button to test your program 

Submit coding work

Once you finish coding, you can submit your coding work as answer. Teacher will know you have submitted. 

    1. Click the “Submit” button
    2. A window will pop-up, click “Confirm”  
    3. Click “Close”