User Manual

How to Upload and Release Automated Grading and Feedback Questions?

「UnaGPT」AI Auto-marking Free Trial

The following instructions are suitable for users who have applied for a free trial of UnaGPT. Teachers are welcome to apply or contact us for details.
Before 1 Mar

1. Change interface language (Optional)

  1. Go Una’s Login Page:
  2. Log in to the platform using a teacher account (Detailed instructions: user-manual/teacher/teacher-getting-started/teacher-login)
  3. Click “User Profile”.
  1. Choose another language.

2. Create AI auto-grading and feedback activity

  1. Click “Activity Library” on the left menu, then click the “Create” button on the top right corner.
  1. Fill in the activity title, then click “Create”. You may also input other details.
  1. A dialog will pop up after clicking “Create”, please choose “Yes”, you will be redirected to create tasks and questions.

3. Fill in activity content – Task general info

  1. On the top right corner of activity content, change the task type to “QnA”.
  2. Fill in Task Title.
  3. Fill in Task details by inserting text or any other content.

4. Fill in activity content – Task questions

  1. Change the question Grading to “AI Evaluation”.
  1. Choose the Language of AI evaluation and feedback.
  2. Type the question, marks (minimum value: 1) and grading reference. Remarks: you are required to fill at least one marking scheme or sample answer.
  1. Click + button to add new questions and repeat steps 1 – 3.

5. Adjust submission options

  1. The bottom part of each task is the task submission option, you can change the default setting.

  • Maximum Submission Attempts: maximum number of submission, range: 1 – 3.
  • Use average score of multiple submissions: calculate student’s final score using average scores from each attempt (score might not be deducted if same answer is submitted for multiple time). For example, 1st submission: 2 marks, 2nd submission: 4 marks => (2+4)/2 = 3 marks. If this function is not enabled, the latest submission score will be used for the student’s final score.

  • Release Score:

    • Immediately: AI feedback will be released right after student submitted a task
    • After Review: AI feedback will be released after teacher reviewed (Only applicable to task with AI evaluation question)

6. Complete creating activity content

  1. To add more chapters in the activity, click “New Task” button on the left bottom corner, then repeat the steps above.
  1. After adding all tasks, click “Save” on bottom right corner to save the created activity content.

7. Create a virtual classroom

  1. Click “Teaching Session” on the left menu, then click “Create Session” on the top right corner.
  1. Fill in Title.
  1. Click the “Select” button on the right of the Activity field, then select the AI activity created in the dialog.
  1. Choose “UnaGPT Trial” grouping template.
  1. Click “Create”, then choose “Yes” to start a lesson.

8. Start Lesson

  1. After switching to the session, click “Assemble” to invite students to join the lesson.
  1. After the button changes to “Start”, click again to start the lesson. The students in the “Random Grouping” can now enter this virtual classroom to answer questions.

9. Adjust virtual classroom options

  1. Enable “Show Score, Comment and Answer” on the right to allow student to check their score and comments.

10. Monitor the submission status of students

  1. In a session, click “Submissions”, then choose “Marking”.
  1. You can check the marking status of each task. There are total three statuses:

    • Autograded: AI feedback has been released to the student, while teacher can still alter the released content.
    • Pending: Teacher is required to review AI-generated feedback; or to handle an appeal by the student.
    • Completed: Teacher has 1) reviewed AI feedback or 2) handled an appeal and released the altered content to the student.

11. Review AI generated grades and feedback

  1. Except for the “Completed” task, you can click the statuses of “Autograded” and “Pending” to check or review AI feedback.

  1. Then, you may alter the score and comments. After finishing one question, you can click “Mark status as Reviewed”.
  2. At last, click “Save” to update the feedback. Once the update is saved, the student cannot re-submit the task.