User Manual

User List

Creating a new user list

Teachers can use users list to add new students to the class to make creating group templates and assembling classes more convenient.  

  1. Click “User list” on the menu on the left.  
  2. Click the “new” button.  
  3. Click the text box and type in what you want to name the list such as 2021 Class 5B”. 
  4. From the menu on the left, you can select students, and use the “add” button to add the selected students into the user list. 
  5. When complete, click the “save” button.  

Editing the user list

If the participants have changed, you can use these steps to edit the user list.  

  1. Click the menu you wish to edit.  
  2. From the right menu select the users you wish to remove, and press the “remove” button.  
  3. When complete, click the “save” button.  

Deleting user lists

If needed, you can delete an entire user list.  

  1. Select the user list you wish to delete.  
  2. Click the “delete” button.  

Notice: When a user list is deleted, it cannot be restored and is deleted forever.